Potato printing.jpg


Having gained a degree in Textile Design I went first into Retail, working for seven years as a Buyer/Product Developer for a large corporation. Since childhood my skills and interests have centred around colour, fabric, homewares and surface decoration. I’m passionate about the home so retrained in Interior design and worked for a high-end residential firm, where I used my aptitude for balancing pattern, colour, scale and texture. Now, having my own design-led homewares brand, I combine my love of design, interiors and product development. It couldn’t be more exciting; seeing pattern and colour applied to everyday objects genuinely makes me very happy!

Growing up in a Somerset village I was taught to appreciate nature and see its incredible beauty, be it bold or subtle and this has absolutely influenced my patterns, as has working in the super smart homes of the very wealthy in London, which exposed me to their sophisticated tastes.

The Potato Printing Process…

Experimenting at the kitchen island one day, stamping simple geometric shapes carved out of a potato, I found instant creative gratification. Through layering, the motives became more complex and now there are no limits to what I can print. I use Illustrator to arrange the motives into repeats. It is not a precious art form, it’s honest, characterful, original and in terms of Surface Pattern Design, extremely versitile. I deliberately avoid smoothing out the rough edges as they give charm and a unique style, that entirely computer generated pattern sometimes can’t.


We’d love to hear from you if you have a project or product in mind that I can cover in pattern!